NI's data management suite turns measurements into insights

9 november 2017 

NI has announced the release of its Data Management Software Suite. This enterprise software solution offers a complete workflow to standardize measurement data across teams, mine that data for useful information, transform the data through automated analysis and deliver reports with valuable insight.

The challenge with the exponential growth in the amount of data being acquired is the establishment of a repeatable and automated process to extract valuable insights. Often inconsistencies and errors in the data produce erroneous results, which requires engineers to manually inspect and verify data before sending it to a manual or automated analysis process.

The Data Management Software Suite aims to simplify this workflow by introducing new server-based software features and a new product, the Analysis Server. This new product helps engineers and scientists automate the search, standardization, analysis and reporting of large amounts of measurement data. The full suite is flexible enough to integrate with customers’ existing data formats and IT infrastructures, so any team with a Windows machine and a network can add powerful data management capabilities. The NI platform provides the ability to perform nanosecond analytics at the edge, read/write data for analysis and standardize metadata for automated analysis.

With the release of the Analysis Server, NI’s server-based data management solution built on Diadem and the Datafinder Server, the suite can be expanded to automated data processing. Now engineers can gain initial meaningful insights without any manual interaction while preserving the original measurement data for searching and further investigation. The Data Management Software Suite combines these interoperable software products into one enterprise solution that can be used to increase test data standardization and help reduce time to market by turning data into insights faster.

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